The Best e-book Readers of 2019

Best e-book Readers: With the invention of e-books, many readers have found their way to dedicate themselves more on reading. It is portable and can store so many books which we can’t think of with the paperbacks. Although the love for paperbacks hardly fades away, yet many readers are going towards the e-books because of its compatibility.

e-book readers not only are compatible or compact but also comes with various features which make us get glued to it. Here you will find a list of best e-book readers to choose from, for next time when you have to take your books with you.

Best e-book Readers

The e-book readers have developed immensely. From low light to maximum storage capacity, e-book readers are just upgrading for better. Here you will find the best e-book readers of 2019:

Kindle Oasis

Product Name: Kindle Oasis

Price: Rs 21,999/-

Pros: Waterproof, excellent screen and long battery life.

Cons: Expensive

Kindle Oasis is the new model in the Kindle Series which has new upgrades. It is waterproof and has a larger screen. This comes with more text size options which can be increased or decreased. Also, the smart lookup integrates entries from The New Oxford American Dictionary with information from X-Ray and Wikipedia so you can access definitions, characters, settings, and more without losing your place.

Bottom Line: The Kindle Oasis is one of the best e-book reader, but it is quite expensive and you might want to consider it.

Kobo Aura

The Best e-book Readers of 2019

Product Name: Kobo Aura

Price: Rs 19,719/-

Pros: Big screen size, adaptive front lighting, waterproof, can connect to the local library

Cons: Heavy doesn’t have Amazon’s e-book system

The Kobo Aura One is a reliable waterproof e-book reader with an extra large display. It’s a 7.8″ HD Carta E Ink touchscreen with a resolution of 300 dpi. The e-book reader is pretty thin, but, at 6.9 mm, and is lightweight for its size at 8.1oz, around the weight of the Kindle Oasis in its charging cover.

Bottom Line: Although Kobo Aura is a great e-book with its great resolution and size, yet it sets a drawback as it doesn’t have Amazon e-books system.

Barnes & Noble BNRV510 NOOK GlowLight Plus 

The Best e-book Readers of 2019

Product Name: NOOK GlowLight Plus 

Price: Rs 12,990/-

Pros: Sharp screen, color-changing front light

Cons: Sluggish User Interface, limited store selection.

The Nook GlowLight Plus runs with a RAM of 512MB. The device uses a 1GHz Freescale single-core Cortex-A9 processor and has 512MB of RAM. The Nook Glowlight Plus obtained an IP rating of IP67, which means the device can be immersed in up to 3.28 feet of water with no damages within 30 minutes. The rating also indicates that the Nook is dust proof. This allows you to read in more environments than the Paperwhite. Reading in the bathroom and on the beach is much safer with the device. You never have to worry about it getting damaged while you read with wet fingertips, or if you drop it onto a sandcastle.

Bottom Line: Although Barnes and Noble Nook Glowlight has many features, it’s interface cannot be compared to Amazon’s Kindle.


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